About me

Me and photography

My name is Eva Nemcová.

I love colors… all colors. Black is a color too… Colors help me make my life and the world around me happier.

I love photography. The camera lens is my third eye and allows me to see the world in a different dimensions.

In photography I mainly focus on art macro-abstract photography from the details of various small objects. For me taking abstract photography is a subjective play with images, shaping them with my own imagination and subsequent creation of space for the fantasy of the viewer. I like it when I can use the camera to induce an illusion. Exploring the unknown and inanimate macro-world is my fascination.
When taking photos of mini-scenes, I search for optimism, colors and unusual perspectives that people often fail to notice. My “models” are most often various little balls, feathers and generally objects of common everyday use. I am deeply enraptured and inspired by the possibility to show the world the other, more beautiful “face” of the ordinary objects.
I marvel an untraditional design and original ideas. However I appreciate it even more if originality is linked with functionality. I love the creation, production and transformation of ready-made objects with the goal of adjusting them to comply with my own style and taste.

About me

Photo: Walde Jánsky

I revealed how my photos are created and more about me and my creation in an interview for photo portal ephoto.sk.

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